Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to this page, here you can find frequently asked questions from our users. If you cannot find the answer to your questions here, please contact the GetPetNow chat.

How to buy an animal?

To buy an animal, you can carry out an intelligent search on our homepage which will allow you to find the companion of your dreams, once you have found your favorite ad, you can contact the seller, in order to make the transaction and acquire the animal.

WARNING: Please never send money before having seen the animal in real life, so no payment goes through GetPetNow.

How to sell an animal?

To sell your pet, you must post a specific ad on GetPetNow, you must provide as much detail as possible about your ad, our team sorts the ads in order to detect false ads aimed at defrauding our users, you are requested not to accept any online payment , you are invited to meet the potential buyer, the buyer must pay you the requested amount in cash. 

A doubt about an ad?

In case of doubt about an ad, you are invited to contact us by chat in order to have the risk level of the ad assessed, if our team thinks that the ad is a scam attempt, the ad will be deleted. and the seller's account permanently banned.

professional sellers 

GetPetNow hosts professional sellers, these accounts are verified by our team, several factors are checked before registration, you can trust a professional seller. 

You will not have any additional fees requested by GetPetNow on professional sellers, these sellers pay a sum to GPN every month.

There are many Canadian pet stores available online. However, GetPetNow offers to find suitable pets for buying and selling near you. It inquires about your location and required pet breed, then finds a suitable match for you in your locality.

If you are looking for the best pets, you can look for these animals and their different breeds such as:

Dogs: They are very friendly and loyal to their owners and can become their best friend in an instant.

Cats: they are very endearing animals, very intelligent and requiring a minimum of maintenance.

Rabbits: Rabbits are cute little animals that make you want to cuddle them. They are very sociable and it is easy to make friends with them.

Birds: Keeping birds as pets brings a certain liveliness to your home with their chirping sounds all day long. They require minimal maintenance.

Hamsters are one of the best small pets for cuddling. They are very playful animals with an affectionate and loving nature towards their owners. They are small, round and soft, a perfect pet for cuddling.

Other animals like ferrets, guinea pigs, small cats, lovebirds and rabbits are also cuddle-worthy pets.

Cats are known to have a decrease in loneliness in their owners and are considered the best pets for anxiety. They are very adorable and affectionate creatures. Has proven to be an ideal companion for their owners.

Their lovable nature helps in the production of happy hormones in their owners. Other animals such as dogs, birds, rabbits and hamsters can also help reduce a person's loneliness.

Cats and dogs have been proven to reduce their owners' anxiety levels and are considered the best pets for loneliness. In addition to these traditional pets, other popular pets can help reduce anxiety levels. These animals are rabbits, fish, horses and guinea pigs.

Science has proven that keeping a pet at home wards off anxiety!

Pets often form a tolerance with each other. For example, cats and dogs can become friends. It becomes easier if they were raised together in a house. They then treat the other animal as a member of the family.

GetPetNow offers sellers to sell their pets to suitable owners who can keep them with love and care. All you have to do is post an ad about your pet and you'll soon be connected with an interested buyer on GetPetNow.
Once you purchase a pet, you automatically own it. You are responsible for its upkeep and health.