Ever wondered what summers are like for furry animals? The fur on the body is used to keep dogs warm during the winters but what about hot months? How to deal with your dogs in the scorching summer heat?

Even if they stay indoors most of the time, the hot weather affects the animal body just like it affects the human body. Humans are advised to stay hydrated and drink more than three liters of water every day during the hot summer months.

We humans can measure the number of fluids we consume in a day and hydrate ourselves when we feel the need. How can we figure out if our dog is hot during the summer?

The human body sweats to cool itself while dogs gasp while breathing when they are feeling hot. They cool themselves through panting.

Their panting is a sign that their body has been heated and requires instant hydration. Since they have fur on their body they feel more hot than humans during the hot weather.

Dehydration can be deadly for dogs. Wondering how to cool down a dog during the hot months? To ensure that your dogs are not dehydrated with the scorching summers, here are a few ways to keep your dogs cool.

How To Keep Your Dogs Cool In The Summer?

Taking additional measures to keep your dogs cool in hot weather is very essential. Below mentioned are seven tips that can be followed for their well-being during the summers

how to keep dog cool in summer

7 Cool Hacks In Keeping Dogs Cool In Hot Weather

1. Freeze Water For Outdoor Trips

Make sure your dog has easy access to cool fresh drinking water all the time. If you are going on an outdoor activity with your dog, make sure you have plenty of drinking water available for your dog.

You can act proactively and can freeze water in a dog bowl and carry it with you so you have enough cold water for the outdoor trip. Don’t forget to clock in the hours of your trip, carry water container(s) accordingly.

keep dogs hydrated

You can also carry frozen dog treats during outdoor activities to keep your dog cool in the heat. These treats can be offered to the dog after every twenty minutes depending on how strenuous the activity is for the dog.

2. Encourage Water Play

Dogs can also cool their body by playing in the water. If they have open access to water where they can dip their paws and belly, it can instantly cool down a dog.

Making your dog wet is another way of keeping them cool during the hot summer weather. Playing in the water enables their body temperatures to drop instantly making them feel cool.

Inculcating water play among your dogs during the summer months is very essential, especially during outdoor play activities.

3. Provide Shade For The Den And Elevate It

You can designate a cool area having shade from the sun where your dog can lay down and rest.

There are dog shades available in the market to keep your dog cool during the hot weather. If you do not have access to cool dog shades then you can use an umbrella or light-colored clothing to block out the sun.

keep them in shade

If their resting area is elevated from the floor, they will be prevented from the heat emitting from the floors during high temperatures.

You can also get a cooling bed for your dog. It is another cooling hack for dogs as these beds have cooling gels in them which aid in reducing the body temperatures of the dog.

4. Get Your Hands On A Cooling Mat

This may sound like a simple hack but it is a very effective tip to reduce a dog’s body temperature. It is similar to a cooling bed. When dogs sit on these mats it helps them reduce their body temperatures.

You can also use ice packs and wet towels as alternatives to these cooling mats. You can drench towels in icy cold water and wrap them around your dog to cool its body temperature instantly.

5. Get A Cooling Vest With A Cooling Gel

Nowadays, there are many facilities available in keeping dogs cool in summer. A cooling vest is just like a cooling mat having gel inside it. You can drench the vest in icy water and drape it over your dog, as the water evaporates from the vest it aids in keeping your dog’s body cool.

These vests are a great hack to keep your dog cool during outdoor activities such as hiking and walking on hot summer days.

6. Avoid Peak Heat Hours

It is best if you and your dog stay indoors at the time when the temperatures are hot during the day. For instance, the sun is hottest during noon hours. So, all sorts of outdoor activities can be avoided during this time of the day.

avoid playing outside

You can opt to play outside with your dog early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the temperatures are on the lower side.

This small adjustment in your routine may seem insignificant but this will have a huge impact on your dog’s health during summers.

7. Avoid Going Out On Hot And Humid Days

Few days in the summer are the hottest. During these days the heat and humidity levels are very high, going outside during these days dehydrates your body immensely.

Therefore, these days taking your dog outside puts them at high risk. Even doing minimal activities such as taking your dog outside for a walk can be harmful to their health.

You can encourage indoor play to keep them active and on their feet during these hot days. This will prevent your dogs from heatstroke on hot days.

The Final Word

These hacks which are mentioned above may seem simple and insignificant but they have a huge impact on your dog’s health when executed. Keeping your dog cool during the summers eliminates the risk of heatstroke during the hot weather.

These small cooling hacks are super easy to implement which is why you can include them in your routine with ease. Similarly, if you want hacks to keep your dog warm during the winter then click here.

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